Rare Footage: Lion Feeding On A Rhino Kill | Graphic

The wildlife footage that comes out of the Kruger National Park is both wonderful and astonishing. This clip, however, has tested our stomach for nature. The plight of the rhino is well known, so when nature takes it’s course and a predator brings one down, it makes for some of the hardest viewing imaginable. Seen here in this footage taken by Eric Knopp, a large male lion feeds on a rhino that is still alive.

The footage was recorded on the 26th of April and uploaded to Kruger National Park on Youtube. The uploader explained that the male lion executed the kill, with the lioness lending a hand once the rhino was brought down. It is likely the rhino was injured prior to it’s encounter with the lions. As is clear from the video, the pair struggled to completely put the rhino out of it’s misery. All the while a small cub plays nearby.

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