Very Rare Footage: A Male Polar Bear Chases Down Cub And Eats It

According to National Geographic, polar bear cannibalism likely isn’t a rare event, it is just rarely witnessed or captured on film by people. This footage was captured during a Lindbald Expeditions trip to the National Geographic Explorer in the Arctic, when, despite the mother’s efforts, a polar bear cub was hunted and then eaten by a large male. Some experts are blaming an increase in this cannibalistic behaviour on the loss of ice due to climate change. This makes it harder for bears to find their usual food sources, and as crucial platforms that polar bears rely on to hunt disappear it tends to end in more drastic measures.

“It was really hard to look away,” says naturalist Jennifer Kingsley, who witnessed the event.

“Sure, you understand that this is life in the Arctic, and this is something we know about polar bear biology. But to see it is really dramatic.”

Warning: Graphic content