40 Ton Humpback Whale Filmed Leaping Entirely Out Of Water

Whilst out with three other scuba divers on a “rubber duck” inflatable boat, Craig Capehart witnessed an extremely rare event.

It seems that never before has a recording been made of an adult humpback whale leaping entirely out of the water! A very rare event, indeed.”

Given Humpback whales can reach over 60 feet in length and weigh up to 40 tons (36,000 kgs) when fully grown, to propel themselves out of the water entirely is no mean feat.

Dolphins and even Great White Sharks have been seen flying out of the water, but this is a first for an adult humpback whale!”

Fortunately, Craig had his camera at the ready:

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Humpback whales are seriously powerful swimmers, and this video is a clear testament to that. They use their massive tail fin, called a fluke, to propel themselves through and, sometimes, out of the water entirely.

The footage was shot in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Mbotyi in Pondoland, Eastern Cape province, South Africa.

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