A 99 Million Year Old Lizard Preserved In Amber Is ‘Missing Link’

Discovered in Myanmar, this specimen is thought to be 75m years older than previous discoveries of its kind

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The fossilized lizard was discovered in Southeast Asia, well preserved in amber, and dating back some 99m years. The finding was announced earlier this week by researchers at the Florida Museum of Natural History and is thought to be a “missing link” for reptile researchers.

“It was incredibly exciting to see these animals for the first time,” Edward Stanley, a member of the research team, said on Saturday. “It was exciting and startling, actually, how well they were preserved.”

The creature has been likened to a chameleon, and thought to be an infant when trapped in a gush of sticky resin in a tropical forest in what is now Myanmar. Alongside it were a gecko and an arctic lizard, all of which were intact. In fact our chameleon like creature was so well preserved you can see its’ entire body, eyes, and colourful scales.

It is thought the discovery would aid researchers in learning more about the “lost ecosystem, the lost world” to which the creatures belonged, Stanley said, as well as helping researchers learn more about its’ modern relatives.

“It’s kind of a missing link,” Stanley said.