Animals Kept Alive In Tiny Plastic Keychains

A trend in China that has been around for many years involves sealing animals, such as turtles, salamanders, fish and frogs, into tiny plastic pouches to be used as key chains.

The bags are filled with coloured, oxygenated water and cost around $1.50 each.

Of course the trinkets have been heavily condemned by animal rights groups, who have highlighted the lack of animal protection laws in China, labelling the practice unnaturally cruel.

Live turtle sealed into a pouch and sold as a keychain in China. Said to live approximately 1 – 3 months.

The CNN spoke to one vendor outside a Beijing subway station. He said the bag contained crystallised oxygen and nutrients, but the animals could only live for a few days before they should be freed from the bag otherwise the oxygen would run out and they would suffocate and die.

Which brings us to the best case scenario. If they are lucky enough to be let out, they end up as pets to people who actually just wanted a little keychain to begin with. It’s not a huge leap to assume they may not be cared for very well.

In this video, the little animals can be seen squirming in the pouches, trying to move around or escape.

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