Australian Man Bitten On Penis By Redback Spider

A tradesman in Sydney, Australia, had to be taken to hospital after he was bitten by a redback spider while sitting on the toilet (portaloo) on a building site.

BBC/Getty Images

The man managed to get himself to hospital rather than wait for a NSW Ambulance. According to Adelaide NowSt George Hospital confirmed a 21-year-old man arrived at the emergency department a short while after, remaining in a stable condition and being discharged later that day. Fortunately no deaths have occurred from redback bites since the development of an antivenom in 1956, but a bite can cause severe pain, sweating and nausea.

Redbacks are known to hide in dry, sheltered places such as the portaloo the man used, as well as garden sheds and mailboxes. According to Australian Geographic around 2000 bites are recorded a year,  with bites from the female, distinguished by the characteristic red stripe on it’s back, being more serious.