Baby Bison Euthanized After Tourists Tried To “Save” It

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Facebook/Yellowstone National Park

Visitors to the Yellowstone National Park in the US noticed a baby bison wandering around on its own.  Thinking it needed help, they put the calf in their boot. Yes, you read that right, they put it in their boot. They then transported it to a park facility with what has been labelled a ‘misplaced concern‘ for the animal’s welfare.

“They were demanding to speak with a ranger,” Richardson, an Idaho resident, told EastIdahoNews.com. “They were seriously worried that the calf was freezing and dying.”

In a statement on Facebook the park said, ‘In terms of human safety, this was a dangerous activity because adult animals are very protective of their young and will act aggressively to defend them. In addition, interference by people can cause mothers to reject their offspring.’

Sadly in this case, after several attempts to reintroduce the calf with its herd, the actions of the visitors meant it was repeatedly rejected. The bison calf was later euthanized because it was abandoned and causing a dangerous situation by continually approaching people and cars along the roadway.

In their statement Park officials go on to warn against any further incidents of this nature:

“Approaching wild animals can drastically affect their well-being and, in this case, their survival. Park regulations require that you stay at least 25 yards (23 m) away from all wildlife (including bison, elk and deer) and at least 100 yards (91 m) away from bears and wolves. Disregarding these regulations can result in fines, injury, and even death. The safety of these animals, as well as human safety, depends on everyone using good judgment and following these simple rules.”

So if you ever find yourself in a similar situation anywhere around the world, maybe try follow these rules.