Baby Elephant Hit By Large truck – Leads To Appeal For Help

The Wildlife Works offices in Tsavo, Kenya, received an early morning call, and head ranger Eric Sagwe responded swiftly.

A baby elephant had been hit by a large truck, and Sagwe had no idea what condition it would be in, or even if it would be alive.

When he arrived, his worst fears were realised.

Eric Sagwe / Walk With Rangers


People had begun to gather around a two to three week old elephant – it had not survived the ordeal.

A herd of elephants had attempted to cross the busy road, unaware of the underpasses provided for the animals, and had tried to turn back in panic and confusion. Unfortunately, one baby elephant didn’t make it.

Eric Sagwe / Walk With Rangers


Locals gathering around the animal were keen to utilise it for its meat. Fortunately Ranger Sagwe was able to remove it to a peaceful spot for nature to take its course.

Following the incident Africa Geographic have appealed for support for the Walk With Rangers fundraiser. You can also view their annual report here, and visit their  Facebook page for more information on how to get involved.

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