Baby Monkey Separated From Mother Hangs Onto Teddy Bear For Comfort

This two month old macaque, named Mongkood, was rescued by Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) about a week ago.

Credit: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

The foundation wrote in a Facebook post, “Sadly, he will have been poached from the wild, witnessing the murder of his family and then sold on the be a pet.”

Fortunately he was rescued after only a short time from the person keeping him illegally, and is now getting the help he needs at the wildlife sanctuary.

Credit: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

“Little Mongkood is still bewildered and confused as where his mother has gone, ‘WFFT wrote on their Facebook post. “He is still crying for his mothers’ care and love, scared and unsure of what his future holds.”

To help Mongkood feel safe, the staff at the foundation have given him some stuffed animals, including a white teddy bear, which he doesn’t seem to want to let go of.

Credit: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Mongkood is a Northern pig-tailed macaque, which has been added to the Red List of Threatened Species as Vulnerable (VU).

“Their population has declined by over 30% over the last three generations across its entire range due to several threats, and this decline is predicted to continue at the same rate or higher in the next three generations,” writes WFFT on Facebook.

Credit: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

Unfortunately Mongkood is just one of many monkeys taken from their mothers after they are poached, either to be sold into the pet trade, or worse killed for their meat and body parts.

Credit: Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand

“We will do everything we can to make his transition to life in captivity as stress free as we can. For now, he is under the 24-hour care of the WFFT Vet Team.” – Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand.

If you would like to help Mongkood, and all the other wild animals WFFT saves, you can make a donation.

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