Juvenile Whale Shark Washed Up On Rocks Rescued By Holidaymakers

Earth Touch News reports on this heartwarming rescue that occurred on South Africa’s east coast last weekend. A juvenile whale shark, first spotted by Jon Goetsch from his balcony overlooking the bay, got into some trouble in shallow waters.


Realising it’s plight Jon immediately rushed down to help, and after an hour long struggle and the help of his family and a number of bystanders, they managed to get the fish back into open water.

It is thought bad weather and a drop in water temperature are to blame for the incident, according to Veronica Veltman, a volunteer for the South Africa Marine Rehabilitation Education Centre (SAMREC).

Fortunately no other sitings of the young whale shark being stranded were reported, so it looks like the rescue attempt was successful. You can read the full story here.

For more intense ocean action watch this video of a group of killer whales ambushing a dolphin super pod.

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