Blind Elephant Still Can’t Accept Her Best Friend, Mae Perm, Is Gone

Jokia is a blind elephant at the Elephant Nature Park (ENP), a sanctuary for rescued elephants in Thailand. Sadly her best friend Mae Perm recently passed away from old age. At the time Lek Chailert, ENP’s founder, said Jokia stood over Mae Perm ‘for almost 6 hours, touching and nudging and leaning against the lifeless body.’


After a 17 year relationship Jokia still can’t believe her friend is gone.

“After Mae Perm passed away we brought Jokia out from her enclosure because we didn’t want her top become stressed. Her first steps beyond her door she rushed to find her friend , calling every minute, searching with her trunk to find Mae Perm. She thought that when she spoke her low rumble to call Mae Perm, she would come to hug and comfort her, as she always had! But now there is only emptiness. I can feel her emptiness. I can see her tears run down with fear and confusion.”

“While Mae Perm was here she was the light behind Jokia’s eyes, and the will to live. Since Mae Perm passed away, Jokia spends her time looking for the place, the smells, the memories where they walked together all around where they both used to stay together.”

“She sniffs everywhere, and when she finds where Mae Perm has peed, she stops for a long time to observe and then she displays her sorrow and clearly mourns. I Hope time can help to heal her.”

Things are looking up for Jokia however. Lek Chailert recently posted this video on her Facebook page showing Jokia interacting with what she calls her new family.