Bullet The Buffalo Is House Trained

The first time Bullet came inside Karen Schoeve’s home, in Argyle, Texas, she said it was scary, intimidating and she was worried she might have heart failure! We don’t blame her.

Fearing the 1,100 pound animal would cause some damage, Karen was panicking, thinking how she could possible get Bullet to leave. However, Bullet came house trained from the previous owners that Schoeve adopted her from, so she had nothing to worry about.

‘She did what she pretty much does today,’ she said. ‘She lounges through, turns around and sniffs, and I’m like okay I’m calming down, I’m okay now.’

According to Schoeve, Bullet never so much as made a scratch, and is actually hyper-aware of her surroundings. Sadly their relationship had to come to an end after five years together because the demands of a full-time job meant Schoeve couldn’t give Bullet the care and attention she needed.

According to CNN, after putting Bullet on Craigslist, the offers poured in. Although the animal was put up for $5,960, one man even offered $10,000. Schoeve declined the offer, saying money wasn’t a factor, instead she wanted a buyer who would give Bullet the human interaction she needed.

Fortunately Schoeve seems to have found the perfect fit for Bullet. Her new home is only a few miles away, and the new owners have a big pasture for Bullet to play in and even two cows to keep her company.

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