Camera Catches First Ever Footage Of A Great White Shark Napping

A group of scientists from Pelagios Kakunjá and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution have managed to film a great white shark in what they think is a sleep-like state.

The large female, named Emma, was recorded swimming in shallow waters off the east coast of Guadalupe Island, near Mexico’s Baja California Peninsula. A robotic submersible catches up to the shark as it hugs the ocean floor, swimming into a 3 km/h current in order to facilitate the movement of oxygen-rich water over its gills with minimal effort. During the day the shark will stay in deep water in order to find suitable prey, but it seems during the night its’ behaviour changes dramatically.

The team think they are seeing something never before recorded on camera, a great white shark in what seems to be a catatonic state that can only be described as sleep-like.