Elephant Mother Spends 11 Hours Desperately Trying To Rescue Her Baby From A Well

An Asian elephant in the Chatra district in India showed her utter devotion to her baby when she spent 11 hours desperately trying to dig the tiny elephant out of a well. ele She did everything she could, using her trunk and her feet to try and get her baby out. Sadly her frantic efforts only made matters worse, causing mud and soil to topple into the well, almost smothering the baby. The calf ended up spending the night trapped in the well from 9pm until 8am the next morning.

Fortunately the locals in the area were not going to just stand by and watch. Jitendra Tiwari, talking to the Sunday Express, said,  “We chopped off a few banana trucks and put it near the well so that the mother elephant moved away for sometime.”

This allowed them the time to remove the mud and soil that was preventing the baby from escaping the well. The happy ending saw mother and calf walking off side by side.

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