Elephant Tramples Rhino & Baby At Waterhole

Who knew that an elephant carries such power?

Krishna Tummalapalli

Whilst visiting South Africa from India, Krishna Tummalapalli and his family were out on an afternoon game drive in Kruger National Park when they came across a rhino and her calf peacefully drinking at a waterhole. It didn’t stay peaceful for long.

After sitting and watching the rhino for some time, the group spotted two elephants approaching from a distance. Curious about what might happen when the elephant reached the waterhole, they weren’t prepared for the intense interaction that followed.

With her young calf by her side, the mother rhino was naturally defensive, immediately facing off with the approaching elephant. However, the elephant’s size and power quickly made her realize the error in her ways, but not before a hair raising and life-threatening thirty seconds for all involved.

The rhino calf was unintentionally trampled by its own mother.
Kruger Sightings on YouTube

Watch the tense interaction play out:

Fortunately, it looked like the mother and her calf came away with only minor scratches.

As Indian Americans, we were used to Indian elephants which are not as big as African elephants. We think of rhinos as huge animals, but the elephant literally pushed the rhino around like it was nothing!”

Tummalapalli to wildlife platform Latest Sightings.

After the elephant had seen off the rhino it started making it’s way closer to the safari vehicle. The guide was quick to start the engine and put some distance between them and the aggressive animal.

We spoke to our guide and he said that in the 10 years he had been working as a guide, he has never seen anything like this. We witnessed a lot of great sightings on our trip to the Park, but nothing could match this experience.

And all this after just their second day at Shishangeni Lodge in the, as always, awe-inspiring Kruger National Park.

My advice for those who come all the way from a different continent – is to do as much safari as possible, because when you get back home, you’ll definitely miss being able to see these incredible animals out in the wild every day.

Krishna Tummalapalli

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