Watch A Rare Standoff Between Two Of Africa’s Titans

Captured by Joe Gregory, this footage shows a stand off between two of Africa’s biggest big 5.

“The reserve is situated in a very remote destination and can only be accessed by a boat, making it quite an exclusive site,” Gregory explained to

Soon after arriving at his accommodation, Gregory headed out on an afternoon game drive. It wasn’t long before they came across a ‘herd of elephant and a crash of rhino’.

“It was an absolutely amazing sensation to see and be a part of the standoff where a young elephant bull in must showed this male white rhino who was boss. We could all physically feel the testosterone aura which surrounded the battlefield of these 2 ancient rivals.”

Gregory explained that the stand off seemed to end in a stalemate, with no clear winner.

“I would, however, say, the balancing act of the branch and the elephant “throwing” the branch at the rhino was a somewhat cheeky ending to the tussle.”

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