Baby Elephant Named Dok Rak Born To Mother Who Used To Perform On The Street

Don Ngern came to Elephant Nature Park in 2005 after a life on the streets in Thailand where she was forced to beg and perform. Found at an elephant festival, she was in very bad shape and ‘displayed the agitated swaying motions typical of traumatized captive elephants’, said ENP. Her time at the park has transformed her however, and on the 27th of April Don Ngern gave birth to a baby girl who has been named Dok Rak (The flower of love).

Elephant Nature Park founder Lek Chailert wrote. ‘Now Sri Nuan is selected by Dok Ngern to be number one nanny of the little boy, who we have named Dok Rak, the flower of love.’

The birth went off without a hitch and Dok Rak was healthy from day one.

The timing couldn’t be better after the sad loss of an old elephant called Mae Perm to natural causes, the birth is bringing a much needed lift to elephant and human alike.

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