Family Of Mongoose Open Spa For Warthog

This partnership is a rare example of two animal species exhibiting mutualism, whereby the warthog rids itself of annoying ticks, and the mongoose gets a cheeky snack.

The warthog in this video inhabits Queen Elizabeth National Park, in Uganda, and has learned to lie down when mongoose are nearby in order to encourage them to give him a good clean.

Likewise, the mongoose know they can get a good parasite or two, and even go as far as climbing all over their customers in search of more.

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“It makes you wonder what else may be happening between species that we don’t see because, in order to see it, both species need to be unafraid of people.”

“Such partnerships between different mammal species are rare, and this particular interaction illustrates a great deal of trust between participants,” said Dr. Andy Plumptre, Director for WCS Albertine Rift Program.

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