The First Ever Footage Of The Omura Whale

For a long time the reported sightings of the Omura whale have been ‘vague and unconvincing’, recently however scientists have been able to piece together the puzzle of this elusive species. Eating patterns such as the devouring of tiny shrimp-like creatures have been observed, with more obscure behaviour, such as guzzling large mouthfuls of “dirty water”, yet to be understood.

Only in 2003 did Japanese researchers identified it as it’s own species, with genetic data confirming this in 2006. This footage of an Omura whale was captured approximately a year ago.

“As a species, we think … we know so much,” says the Scripps Institution’s Leslie. “But we don’t. We’re still scraping the edge of the iceberg in terms of what we know about oceans.” 

Watch this sperm whale surprise a bunch of scientists: