Fox Napping On Tree Stump In Couples Back Yard Goes Viral

This adorable situation first came to the attention of the world when Sara Ryan posted a photo on twitter sent to her by her Dad.

“My dad was very excited! They’ve been social-distancing and don’t have pets, so I think they were excited to have something out of the ordinary in their yard!”

Sara told The Dodo.

He was quick to start sending her regular updates after spotting the dozing fox comfortably curled up on a tree stump just outside one of their windows. Sara, naturally, had to pass these updates on to the world.

487,000 (and counting) shares on Twitter later, and the world (or some of it at least) got a much-needed distraction:

Fox Napping On Tree Stump In Back Yard Tweet

“I think that she likes the spot because it’s sunny and protected. She really only can be seen from my parent’s backyard, because she’s protected by the garage in the other yard. It’s a safe place to take a nap after a hunt!”

Sara told Bored Panda

Foxes are nocturnal, of course, and a fox has gotta eat. So inevitably, later that evening Sara’s Dad noticed an empty tree stump.

But not for long. After a night of activity, the fox was back for another day of napping.

Tweet Shared By Sara Ryan Of Fox Sleeping On Tree Stump

“I love that people are loving the fox! It makes sense that people want a little slice of joy in the midst of a lot of stress and anxiety and chaos. “I’m glad that my one viral tweet was a cute tweet during a not very cute time.”

Ryan to The Dodo.

Thanks Sara, the people appreciate it.

If you want to help Sara out why not check out her Dad’s Soundcloud or have a read of some her own poetry.