A Golfer Annoys A Snapping Turtle And Gets Instant Karma

Maybe the un-named golfer didn’t know he was holding what is called a snapping turtle, because if he did, well, what do you expect.

Assuming he didn’t know, he has still picked up what looks like a prehistoric animal with a spiked shell, beak like jaws, and thick, scaled tail. It doesn’t sound like something you want to put near your face.

If natural selection still applied to humans, well…

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The animals are capable of stretching their necks two-thirds of the length of their carapaces, a trait thought to have been developed as a defence against predators to substitute for their inability to retract their heads into their shells.

The lesson here is, when it comes to wild animals, the rule is always look but don’t touch. Normally more for their sake than anyone else’s.

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