Jokia The Elephant Distraught After Losing Her Best Friend Mae Perm

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Mae Perm died of old age, and according to a post on Facebook by Lek Chailert, the founder of  Elephant Nature Park (ENP), her friend Jokia stood over her ‘for almost 6 hours, touching and nudging and leaning against the lifeless body.’ It was difficult to separate Jokia from Mae Perm, and it was only accomplished when, for a rare moment, Jokia left her friends side and wondered over to the other end of the shelter to eat some melons.

Mae Perm in her final resting place.

We are so sad that the lovely Mae Perm, an elephant at ENP, has passed away. She was so, so loved. We are feeling sad…

Posted by Loop Abroad on Thursday, 7 April 2016


The two friends were rescued from forced labor, and had a very special friendship spanning 17 years at the sanctuary…

Lek Chailert/FACEBOOK

‘We feel her pain. From today we will do every thing we can to help her though this most difficult time, and into the days of healing and new friendships, Mae Perm never forgotten.’ – Lek Chailert, Found of ENP.