Last Male Northern White Rhino Left In Existence Is Protected 24/7 By Armed Guards

With a value of around $30 000 a pound, the horns of these rhino have meant they have been poached to near extinction. The last northern white rhino death was in November, 2015, when Nola passed away at the San Diego Zoo. The death of Nola leaves three northern white rhino alive, two females and one male, all of which are at the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. They are considered too old to reproduce, but scientists have harvested sex cells in the hope that in vitro fertilisation in a related southern white rhino surrogate may save the species – the effort could take more than a decade.

The last male northern white rhino left on Earth is protected by armed guards 24/7…

Posted by Higher Perspective on Friday, 6 May 2016

In contrast, the southern white rhino has been labelled a success story. At the turn of the century there were only a handful remaining, and through conservation efforts by the South African government the population has managed to rebuild to around 20,000 through breeding and relocation. However current poaching levels mean they are under serious threat.

Watch this incredible footage of the rarest rhino: