This Leopard Caught A Warthog For Dinner Only To Have It Stolen

This incredible footage was filmed by Kobus Spangenberg, owner and field guide for Kruger Africa Safaris, back in 2014.

It is evident that the leopard was quite young at the time, being relatively small in comparison to the warthog, and due to the manner in which she was trying to kill the animal. Instead of a leopards typical approach of suffocating its prey by going for the throat, she had the warthog around the neck.

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Credit: Kruger Sightings/Youtube

Unfortunately this meant the warthog was free to squeal at the top of its’ lungs, which attracted the attention of a nearby lioness.


Such inexperience meant the unlucky cat lost its’ dinner, and most probably would not have the energy to hunt again that evening.

Whoever said there is no such thing as a free lunch! This lioness got really lucky, especially as Kobus seemed to think she was nursing at the time. Watch the full video below:

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