A Leopard Stalking A Warthog Forgets How To Hunt At The Last Minute

This leopard has put in the hard work. He’s got close to a warthog, very close in fact. Dinner is sorted for sure…

We can’t tell you what must have been going through this leopard’s head, but our guess is it’s eyes are bigger than it’s stomach. The warthog looks to be almost twice as big as what must be a young leopard.

The leopard, getting up close for a good look, realises this and decides it’s probably not worth the damage the warthog might inflict. That or it just forgot how to hunt right at at the last moment!

If you want to see a successful warthog hunt, check this leopard out.

The footage was taken in Kruger National Park in South Africa and uploaded to Kruger Sightings on Youtube.