A Male Lion Stalks And Attacks A Leopard

How close can you get to a sleeping leopard? Turns out really close.

Male Lion Stalks Sleeping Leopard
An unlucky leopard awaits a rude awakening. Kruger Sightings on YouTube.

That is if you’re a 400-pound male lion built for power and stealth and you don’t mind actually being really close to a sleeping leopard. And that’s exactly what Matthew Poole, a professional guide at &beyond’s Kirkman’s Camp in the Sabi Sands, and his safari guests were lucky enough to witness.

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Having had news of a leopard in the area, they headed out to find it. Little did they know they were in for a wildlife encounter of a lifetime…

By far the rarest sighting in my guiding career!

Matthew Poole to Latest Sightings.

As the scene played out, Matthew realised that if the lion caught the leopard he could potentially kill it, and decided to warn his guests what they might be in for. Fortunately for the leopard, and his guests, things didn’t go that far.

“The lion drove the leopard into a Leadwood tree on the river bank and then had a drink and moved off out of the area”.