A Male Rhino Faces Off With A Mother And Its Calf

This scene played out in front of 50 year old Beryl St Arnaud after stopping at a waterhole during a game drive. The female and her calf approach the waterhole to drink during a period of drought, only to be bullied away by the male.

“We are all pretty used to noises of ellies and other animals, but what struck me, in particular, was the grunts and the moans from the baby,” Beryl told Latest Sightings. “Never before had I heard rhino noises.”

The reason for the males behaviour was not established according to Beryl, who said, “Most people had no idea why he was behaving like this. Some speculated that he could smell us in the hide or perhaps the lion’s scent was in the vicinity making him want to protect her and the baby.”

Eventually the trio moved off into the dry bush, with the female and calf going without water. We can only hope they got another opportunity.