Man Thinks He’s Pulling Up Big Fish But Gets Face Full Of Teeth Instead

Lance Burgos¬†was out kayaking with his daughter, Evan, at Lake Fausse Point State Park, St. Martinville, in LA. A noodle (flotation device) bobbed in the water, and naturally Lance wanted to know what was on the other end…

The noodle was intended as a catfish trap, and after tugging on the line Lance was met with a lot of resistance.

“I thought it was a big garfish,” he says. Instead he got an alligator.

“My daughter and I got back from camp, and when we went to bed, we both said, ‘We’re going to have nightmares about this,'” Burgos told Nola. Our reaction would be similar I’m sure.¬†alligatorfishing

Lance Burgos/YOUTUBE