Mother Rabbit Goes Super Mom On Snake Attacking Her Babies


According to National Geographic the rabbit in this YouTube video is a female cottontail. The fierce mother discovers a black rat snake preying on her babies and she doesn’t hold back!

Rabbit Vs Snake. Momma Rabbit save babies - Original Video

As the snake tries to escape, the rabbit launches a non-stop attack, repeatedly biting, kicking, and rolling the reptile, in order to try and disembowel it. Dana Krempels, a biologist at the University of Miami, Florida, told National Geographic  that this is a strategy to prevent it returning to the nest.

Mother rabbits have to be fiercely protective of their babies, who are an easy dinner for a number of predators, including rats, cats, and weasels.

Although the rabbit didn’t succeed in disembowelling the snake, she went a long way in achieving her goal of chasing the snake out of her nest and hurting it so it wouldn’t return.

According to National Geographic the snake in the video is a black rat snake, a common, non-venomous snake that squeezes its prey to death. Not wanting to attract such predators to her babies, a mother rabbit will leave the nest during the day, staying close until dusk and dawn, when she returns to nurse.