Rare Footage Catches Snow Leopard Family In Russian Mountains

As part of an ongoing effort to survey the wildlife of Ak-Cholushpa Nature Park in Russia, camera traps have been set up to spot and record activity in order to estimate snow leopard numbers. Each leopard has unique spot patterns, making it possible for scientists to identify them and record their movements. This footage captured two adults and two kittens, suggesting conditions are comfortable enough for the rare predators to breed successfully.

A senior wildlife official, Alyona Maikova, commented saying, “Our inspectors have been using camera traps in their work for just a little more than one year, but the results are impressive. We have sighted at least four snow leopards living in the nature park.”

The sighting of these leopards, and the fact that they have been able to breed successfully in the area, makes Ak-Cholushpa Nature Park a very important for the conservation of the predators, and makes it ‘exceptionally valuable’.