Rescued Chimp Is So Traumatised She Refuses To Be Touched

Meet Jenny. A man was visiting his village when he noticed her in his neighbours yard. He could see she wasn’t being treated well and managed to convince the family to let him take her. He then drove her the 120km to Ape Action Africa, a rescue organisation based in Cameroon, where he knew she would be looked after.

The organisation wrote on Facebook, “a little surprise arrived yesterday, curled up in a sad ball in the foot well of a car.”

They added that Jenny had wounds on her hips where she had clearly been tied up, and was so unused to human affection that she refused all contact and spent the whole journey on a blanket on the floor.

Eventually Jenny realised that these humans were here to help and not hurt her.

During Jenny’s second trip to the forest with Ape Action Africa’s Director Rachel, she built up the courage to creep over and fall asleep in the director’s lap.

She is recovering quickly and on her second day was feeling stronger and eating bananas and a little papaya, allowing some gentle grooming and building trust. “She listens intently to the calling of the chimp group nearby, hooting gently in response,” wrote the group. “We will never be able to replace what she has lost, but hope that we can give her a lifetime of love and companionship with her own kind.”

To help Jenny and other chimps like her at the sanctuary you can go HERE.