Three-Eyed Snake Discovered Near Small Australian Town

Snakes are common in Australia, obviously.

Three-eyed snakes? Not so much.

Discovered near a small town called Humpty Doo (definitely a real place and not far from Darwin) this juvenile carpet python (morelia spilota) has three fully functioning eyes.

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In their Facebook post, the Northern Territory Parks & Wildlife explained that X-ray scans revealed ‘one skull with an additional eye socket and three functioning eyes’, rather than two heads formed together.

The deformity is thought to be caused by a natural mutation, with snake expert Prof Bryan Fry explaining to the BBC that, “Every baby has a mutation of some sort – this one is just particularly coarse and misshapen.”

He also suggested that the third eye may have been “the last little bit of a twin that’s been absorbed”.

Due to the snake’s deformity, however, it was struggling to eat and sadly died not long after being found.

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