This Is Why You Shouldn’t Take A Selfie With A Shark

For most people the idea of plucking a shark from the water, even when it’s a baby, is clearly the wrong course of action. This lady, who was on holiday on the Brazilian island of Fernando de Noronha,¬†obviously thought otherwise.

Credit: Facebook/Fernando de Noronha

Spotting the small lemon shark swimming through the shallows, she decided to pluck him thrashing and flicking from the water for a photo opportunity. The shark was obviously not very pleased and decided to take action by latching onto her fingers, not letting go until its jaw was forced open.

Hopefully the shark, having been tossed unceremoniously back into the waves, escaped the encounter unharmed. The same cannot be said for the woman and her husband. The lemon shark is a protected species and interfering with them can cost you a $1,600 fine. Much to the pairs dismay, the incident occurred within the island’s marine protection area, which means the fine can, and was, doubled to $3,200 each. Thankfully no serious harm was done to the woman’s hand, with just four stitches needed to put her right.

A lesson to all us of when it comes to interacting with wildlife. Keep a safe distance, and let them go about their business. Doing otherwise almost always results in an animal or human being harmed.