Watch: Battle Between Giant Wasp And Giant Spider Unexpectedly Interrupted

Australia is known for it’s deadly insects, but there’s always something bigger lurking nearby…

This video, taken in Sydney, Australia, shows a large Huntsman spider being dragged by a spider wasp. The spider wasp, a common name given to any wasp in the family Pompilidae, has a paralysing sting which means it normally comes up trumps when facing these large venomous invertebrates. Having lost its ability to fight back, the spider is being dragged to its inevitable death.

Patrick Honan, an entomologist from the Museum of Victoria, explained to Australian media that Huntsman spiders are paralyzed by the wasps, dragged back to their mud nests, and then a single egg is laid inside the spider’s abdomen – they become living baby incubators.

However in this case, a large ibis foils the wasps plans, swallowing both insects in one gulp.