Watch: Brave Impala Fights Wild Dog Even As Intestines Are Falling Out

*The following footage is not for sensitive viewers*

As 45 year old Hans Schuring and his group were making their way out of Kruger National Park, South Africa, they came across a wild dog ‘standing over’ an impala next to the road.

His initial reaction was disappointment, thinking they had missed the action by mere seconds. However, as he explained to LatestSightings.com, the following moments were ‘very intense and emotional.’

Credit: YOUTUBE / LatestSightings.com

The impala was still alive, and even after the wild dog began to bite and tear flesh from it’s stomach area, it managed to get back to it’s feet. The mood in the vehicle soon changed to disbelief when they realised the impala’s intestines were now hanging outside of it’s body as it continued to fight off its attacker.

“The emotions in the vehicle soon changed to a deep sadness for the brave impala, hoping that his misery will end soon.”

“It was brutal and fierce, typical wild dog hunting behaviour, but this is nature at its best and why we love to come back to Kruger Park year after year,” Schuring told LatestSightings.com.