Watch: Drunk Man Tries To “Shake Hands” With Lion At Zoo

Visitors to Nehru Zoo Park, in India, were left horrified after a drunk man tried to “shake hands” with a lion in an enclosure.

After managing to clamber over the enclosures barriers and traverse a moat, Mukesh Kumar, a labourer in Hyderabad, southern India, then approached a lion on the waters edge. According to IFLS he was singing “Come to me my darling” by Ruby Johnson as this occurred.

Various onlookers managed to capture footage of the incident, whilst others did their best to distract the lions and coax the man back out of the enclosure before any harm could be done…

Fortunately Mr Kumar survived the incident without harm, although he was taken away and charged under various sections of the Wildlife Protection Act, Caters reports.

“He is lucky enough to have survived. The zoo keepers told us that, it was the time of the cats for their feed and they responded to their voice when called out. We have booked him but will again question him after he sobers up.”

The zoo assured people the security around the enclosure would be improved, hopefully deterring anymore guests from gambling with their lives.

Watch a different angle of the incident: