Watch: Thieving Porcupine Breaks Into House Looking For Snacks

A lodge in Kenya, called Borana Lodge, has had a long recurring issue with a particularly cheeky crested porcupine.

The crafty rodent is more than capable of breaking and entering whenever a room is left unsecured, ‘be it pushed open with his bulk or pried open with his incisors.’ The lodge manager, Hunter Marrian, seems to have been targeted more regularly than others, the snacks in his new fridge being of particular interest to the spiky thief.


Eventually Hunter decided enough was enough and purchased a new lock for his door. Before installing it however, he decided to catch the scoundrel in the act

The new locks that Hunter installed did their job, and so, much to the thieving porcupines dismay, it had to return to it’s natural diet.

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