Watch Two Large Alligators Fighting On South Carolina Golf Course

Golfer Matthew Proffitt was out for a casual round with his friends on Hilton Head Lakes golf course in South Carolina until they came across what looked like a battle to the death on the 18th hole.

Two alligators were fiercely locked together, one had the other gators head between its jaws, while the other had retaliated by biting onto its opponent’s leg.

According to Proffitt the fight went on for two hours. Watch the video below and be sure to turn your volume up and catch the ‘growling’ of the gators:

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“We see an alligator pretty much every day. But that is the first time we’ve seen anything like that. It was pretty nerve-wracking seeing that.”

In this area of South Carolina alligators aren’t a rare sight, but according to Proffitt this is the first run-in of this kind he’s experienced. Why the gators were fighting isn’t made clear, but it’s likely down to a territory dispute and mating rights.

Alligators fighting it out on golf courses isn’t as rare as you’d think. Similar footage was capture on The Eagles Golf Course in Tampa, Florida, where two gators had an equally, if not more intense battle:

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