Wild Dog Chase Impala Lamb Into Tourist Vehicle

It’s not often a tourist vehicle comes into play during a wild dog hunt…

Having heard a pack of wild dogs had been seen in the area around the Paul Kruger Gate of Kruger National Park, South Africa, Marc Cronje decided to go and find them.

Fortunately for Marc and his group, they managed to spot the wild dog from a distance. Having spent the last 4 years as a Nature Freelance Field Guide working in the Kruger, Mr Cronje was quick to spot the rise in activity among the wild dog pack, indicating they were preparing to hunt.

Cronje told LatestSightings.com, “I know wild dogs and their behaviour fairly well, so once I spotted them doing their hunting strategy of positioning themselves to run onto the road, then I knew I should try and place the vehicle as close as possible to the herd of impala.”

The result left adrenaline levels high:

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According to Cronje’s account, the impala that ran into the car escaped! This may be due to the disorientation the episode would have caused the hunting wild dog.

“I personally don’t think they killed the impala that hit the car, as the impala that the wild dogs killed was an adult impala and the one that ran into my safari vehicle was a young impala.”

A lucky escape.