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Stories From The Wild

Watch Two Large Alligators Fighting On South Carolina Golf Course

Two alligators were fiercely locked in battle on the 18th hole.

Family Of Mongoose Open Spa For Warthog

That's a whole lot of Timons cleaning one big Pumbaa!

Drone Footage Shows Giant Hammerhead Sharks Hunting Six-Foot Blacktip Sharks

The show these hammerheads put on when hunting, is incredible to watch.

Wild Polar Bear Tries To Break Into Cameraman’s Viewing Pod

"Without a doubt she wanted me for lunch," said wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan.

Watch: Hyena Steals Impala From Python

"In 13 years of guiding, I had never seen anything like this"

Why Cheetahs In The Maasai Mara Need Better Protection From Tourists

The global cheetah population is continuing to decline.

Python Swallows Crocodile Whole After 5 Hour Battle

In no uncertain terms, the snakes of the world go one up.